Welcome New Teachers
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The Logan Hocking School District is happy to welcome several new teachers for the 2020-21 school year!

Teachers pictured left to right:

Storee Brooks- LHMS- 5th gr Language Arts
Liz Arlesic- LHMS- 8th gr English
Morgan York- LHMS- Intervention
Haley DeVore- LHMS- 7th gr English
Nicole Phillips- LHMS- Intervention
Haley Webster- LHS- Intervention
Kinnison Donaldson- LHS- Intervention
Eric Harrison- LHS- English
Genna Heileman- LHMS-Intervention
Lishea Goff- LHMS- 6th gr Language Arts
Tricia Lively- Chieftain 4th grad

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