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Devon Seal talked to the second grade students about what it means to be an engineer and the types of engineers. Students got to listen to a book about engineering and solve some design problems before making some paper airplanes. Students will be participating in a coloring contest with other students in Ohio.
Chieftain Elementary held our annual Family literacy night on February 16. We want to thank all of our families who came out for a fun filled evening and all of our staff who worked to make this evening possible. Everyone rotated through six stations. One of the stations was local story teller, Adele Brown, who did a wonderful job weaving tales for our kids. Students were able to make a coaster with their picture on it and a make & take sight word Bingo game for their families to play at hom...
Reminder, Thursday, February 23rd, there will be a 2 hour early dismissal for all Logan-Hocking Schools due to Parent/Teacher Conferences.
The Logan-Hocking School District continues to work through the process of defining its direction and develop district goals. The Strategic Planning Committee (made up of LHSD staff members, students, community members and parents) has been working to develop mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategies used to reach those goals. The committee will be finalizing the plan in the upcoming months to present to the Board of Education in July.
On February 21, 2017 Union Furnace welcomed representatives from Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda to share a bit of their cultures with our students for our 2nd annual "Cultural Day".  Students learned about customs, religion, food, language, and leisure activities amongst much more. For example, students learned how in the Ugandan culture, names are decided based upon a variety of factors including the day of the week. Students had a chance to participate in a dance from the Ghanian culture and they...
On Friday February 17th, Hocking County Sheriff's Department conducted its Kids Print ID Program at Hocking Hills Elementary. Students that parents signed them up for this program were able to receive a free KID Print ID Card.
Thank you to the Smith family for their donation to the Chieftain Center campaign! Their donation is a wonderful reminder that this is a community effort, all levels of giving matter, and every penny counts!! Go Chiefs!!
The Chief Logan FFA is currently holding a strawberry and beef stick/jerky sale.
Important dates to remember for student athletes wanting to participate in upcoming Spring Sports.
Mrs. Bush's third grade students performed an experiment to observe and draw conclusions about shield and cone volcanoes. Students made predictions and observed two different 'lava' samples and performed their experiments deducting what kind of lava comes from the two kinds of landforms based on the thickness of the liquid. Once finished, students had an opportunity to share and discuss their findings. Click to see more pictures.
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