Scholars Awards Night Held
Logan High School
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The Logan High School seniors who were recognized for earning multiple scholarships at the annual Scholar's Night awards ceremony (from left) are: First row: Stephanie Garrett, Kelly Ramierz, Katy Iliff, Candace Burns, Kristy Klingenberg. Second row: Clinton Schrader. Tess Cassady, Shaylyn Allen, Kayla Tilley. Allyssa Bailey, Jamie McKinley, Trisha Patel, Jennifer Tschudy. Third row: Paige Simpson, Chelsey Evans, Amanda Kibble, Kevin Smith, Jeff Dietz, John Batrholomew, Megan Switzer. Fourth row: Cory Combs, Brock Thompson, Bobby Russell, Ryan Sigler, Scott Poindexter, Daniel Bergreen, John McClain and Jesse Harmon.

Logan High School recognized academic achievement at its annual Scholars Awards Night held Tuesday evening.

Eighty-two seniors and 34 past graduates earned local scholarships totaling about $300,000 dollars. In addition, 48 seniors have earned college scholarships. Twelve of the 48 have earned full tuition scholarships.

More seniors earned a Diploma with Honors this year than in the past. Students who have earned the Diploma with Honors will be the guest of Lucy Shaw for dinner at the Olive Garden. Later this summer Brighten Your Future Grants also will be awarded. Current seniors and past graduates are encouraged to apply.

2010 Scholars Awards Night recipients are:

• The Jim Myers Scholarship: Brock Thompson and Kristen Heft.

• Corey E. Kissling Memorial Scholarship: Robert Russell and Tanner Kline.

• Schultheis-Davie Insurance Scholarship: Tess Cassady.

• Class of 1973 Scholarship: David Ruff.

• Rockbridge Elementary School/PTO Scholarship: Megan Switzer, Chelsea Wharton and Brock Thompson.

• Justin Lawrence “Larry” Wells Scholarship: Scott Poindexter

• Class OF 1978 Scholarship: Ryan Sigler

• Lillian and Leon Eichel Scholarships: Shaylyn Allen, John Bartholomew, Kristy Klingenberg and Scott Poindexter.

• George Tipton/Kiwanis Scholarships: Mary Smart, Paige Simpson and Kathryn Iliff.

• Debby Angle Scholarship: Callie Zeisler and Mary Smart.

• Jacob Schmidt Scholarship: Jesse Harmon.

• Hocking Valley Community Hospital Clinical Scholarship: Allyssa Bailey and Megan Switzer.

• Hocking Valley Community Physicians Scholarship: Trisha Patel, Brooke Harper, Amanda Wine and Megan Switzer.

• Starr Washington Scholarship: John McClain (Donna Higgins Sniff Scholarship), Rachael Vermillion (Union Furnace Alumni Association Scholarship), Jordan Rutter (Union Furnace Alumni Association Scholarship) and Eli Reed (Union Furnace Alumni Association Scholarship)

• The Frank Judy Family/Logan High School Fund: Kathryn Iliff.

• Bill Sauer/Senior Class: Brooke Harper, John McClain, Trisha Patel, Jennifer Tschudy, Clinton Schrader and Cory Combs.

• National Honors Society Scholarship: John McClain.

• Hocking Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarship: Kevin Smith.

• National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Tanner Kline.

• Bill Sauer Sports Scholarship: Chelsey Evans and Zach McDaniels.

• Delbert and Frieda Davis Scholarship: Candace Burns.

• Chieftain Booster Scholar Athlete Award: Patrick Angle and Kristy Klingenberg.

• The Hocking County Chapter of the OSU Alumni Association Scholarship: Kristy Klingenberg, John Bartholomew, Ashley Dixon and Kayla Tilley.

• The Ruth and Edgar “Jake” Huffman Scholarship: Brandy Meyer.

• Logan Education Association Scholarship: Candice Burns.

• Kuhn Family Scholarship: John McClain.

• Joseph Murtha Scholarship: Kelly Ramirez.

• Purple and White Scholarship: Devin Davis.

• Logan Rotary Scholarship: Rebekah Young.

• Logan Rotary Harley Ellinger Scholarship: Stefanie Rieder (past graduate).

• The Neil Wallar Soccer Scholarship: Ethan Whalen and Ashley West.

• Marie Sines Scholarship: Stephanie Garrett, Alicia LaFollette, Jamie McKinley and Keely Ingram (past graduate).

• Logan Holl Scholarships: Ian Donaldson, Gavin Doyle, Daniel Edwards, Hope Lightfoot, Jeremy Grove (past graduate) and Ashley Meyer (past graduate).

• Minnie Bowen Scholarships: Alexandria Adams, Christopher Hicks, Lacie Hunter, Kristina Marcum, Tyler Martin, Erika Waugh, Whitney Mitchell, Chelsea Rayburn, Laura Rupe, Paige Spencer, Ryan Stilson, Ryan Street, Haley Walsh, Stephanie Warren, Nicole Egger (past graduate), Morgan Mays (past graduate), Jena Sharb (past graduate), Taylor Simons (past graduate), Kenneth Taylor (past graduate) and Erin Ludwin (past graduate).

• Ace Scholarship: Scott Poindexter.

• Franklin B. Walter Scholastic Award: Kristy Klingenberg.

• Jaycee Scholarship: Cory Combs.

• Business and Professional Women’s Association Scholarship (Birdie Bowers): Elizabeth Napier and Tonie Schrader.

• Bowen House Fine Arts Scholarship: Stepanie Garrett.

• Dorothy Hartman-Kalklosch Scholarship: Erika Zlatkind, Brian Hoffer, Ralph Robinson, Jennifer Tschudy and Chelsie Wharton.

• Arthur Kalklosh Scholarship: Kevin Smith.

• Hocking County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Michaela Herrick.

• Don Thompson Lady Chief Scholarship: Chelsey Evans.

• Lilyfest Scholarship: Krisda Whiteman.

• Presbyterian Youth Scholarship: Jeff Dietz and John McClain.

• National Art Honor Society: Amanda Kibble.

• Mingo Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Jennifer Tschudy.

• Class of 1950 Scholarship: Ryan Sigler.

• Robert Dee Gabriel Memorial Scholarship: Kristen Heft.

• Four Season Garden Club Scholarship: Kevin Smith.

• Logan Bobcat Basketball Scholarship: Molly Fuller and Forrest Walton.

• Tedd McCormick Scholarship: Cory Combs, Callie Zeisler, Allyssa Bailey, Jacob Glick and Brice Shaw.

• Hocking County 4-H scholarship: Allyssa Bailey, Charles Fizer, Amanda Fleming, Amanda Kibble and Kristy Klingenberg.

• Brandon Family Scholarship: Kevin Smith and Byrnne Hahn.

• Phillip Michael Davis Scholarship: Brock Thompson.

• OAPSAE Scholarship: Tonie Schrader.

• Laurel Township Scholarship: Amanda Kibble and Kelsey Reno.

• Jessica Kelch Memorial Scholarship: Kelly Barrell, Zachary McDaniel and Jordan Rutter.

• Angel Unaware Scholarship: Clint Schrader.

• Dayton Schultheis Mathematics Award: Cory Combs.

• Gladys Schaal Memorial Scholarship: Jeff Dietz.

• Judge Frederick E. Mong Educational Scholarship Fund: Kim Carrier.

• Citizens Bank Scholarship: Tess Cassady.

• Logan Tomahawk Football Scholarship: Trisha Patel and Clinton Schrader.

• William C. & Mildred K. Lehman Scholarship: Kayla Tilley, Megan Switzer, Kelly Ramirez and Tisha Tutwiler (past graduate).

• St. Matthew Lutheran Church/Risch Scholarship Fund: Jesse Harmon.

• Chieftain Leadership Scholarship: Devinn Williamson and Daniel Bergreen.

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